Univers ISSIM: Multicore Software Development & Verification

General Description

Univers ISSIM is a multi-processor development environment. The Univers ISSIM IDE enables you to develop, build, debug and simulate CPU and/or DSP applications. Applications are project-based and can be comprised of C and/or assembler source files. Besides this, you can attach C++ peripherals.

The Univers ISSIM IDE combines the following items to one tool:
One or more CPU's models (Instruction Set Simulators)
API to include C++ models (peripherals, data analysis, ...)
Many design views and specific windows, see more below.

The tools are build for user convenience, providing full controllability and visibility of a complete system. Short iteration cycles are guaranteed by using high speed CPU models and C++ peripherals. You can dynamically build a virtual system by yourself and add exactly that functionality you need.



True multi core development and verification environment
Fast cycle-accurate Instruction Set Simulators
Complete Integrated Development Environment
Automated flow for multi-core (SoC) projects
Extensive and unique debug features
Open debug-API for easy integration
Automatic embedded OS support
Multi target (ISS, HW)

Detailed info

Additional Info: ISS specific:
Multicore simulation and verification Application window
System level exploration & development Disassembly window
Modelling capabilities / Peripheral models Register window
Peripherals (standard available) Memory window
Breakpoints Variable/Watch/Stack window
Multi clock systems Modules window
Step & Compare Interrupt/DMA window
  Select Signals window
Univers Options: Signals window
Performance profiler  
HDL navigator  

More info


If you require more information you can ask Adveda, click here.
For evaluation purposes a full evaluation version of the Univers tools is available.

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