Configurable Peripherals

General Description

Univers contains standard a set of common peripherals. These peripherals are user configurable. Peripherals are used to:
Add IO functions: UART, GPIO, LCD, Keypad, General Console, LAN, ...
Add internal functions: Timer, Mutex, Bus interfaces to HDL designs, Shared memory, ...
Add data monitoring functions: Graph to visualize data streams, File IO, ...
Add timing models: Cache, Memories (wait-states, access time)
Change behavior of CPU models: Add instructions, Remove instructions, ...

One of the peripherals supports the C-library functions such as fprintf. Adding this peripheral makes it very easy to perform file IO for test purposes.



C++ peripheral models can be developed by Adveda as a service. Users can also develop their own proprietary peripherals. For cross-platform GUI functions the wxWidgets Graphical Tool Kit (GTK) can be used. The Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) are also fully supported for Windows based platforms.


Use of peripheral models guarantees high speed and full observability & controllability
Centralized peripheral selection and configuration
Dynamic add/change/delete of peripherals
List of peripherals is extendible (no Univers update required)
Users can develop peripherals for their proprietary functions
Peripherals can be developed by Adveda as a service


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