General Description

Univers supports an unlimited amount of active breakpoints without decreasing the simulation speed. Many different breakpoint types are available which can be set and removed in the following Univers windows: Application-, Disassembly-, Memory-, Register- and Variable- window. Univers includes a centralized overview of all breakpoints, this is extremely convenient in a multi core project.

Breakpoints on large C-'structs' and large 'arrays' are fully supported. Breakpoints can be enabled and disabled (in any window) to keep the location of the breakpoint.

When an execution breakpoint is hit in a multi core system, the simulation stops before the instruction is executed. Instructions on other cores which should have started at the same moment in time are also not yet executed. This is independent on which core the breakpoint is set. It results in real multi core debugging, where each processor immediately stops, which is often not the case during target debugging.



Unlimited amount of breakpoints without decrease in simulation speed
Many types of breakpoints: execution, on read, on write, on value, on occurrence count

Breakpoints can be set in many different windows
Breakpoints on large 'structs' or individual members and 'arrays' are fully supported

Multiple types of breakpoints on one location
Centralized breakpoint overview with individual or per core enable/disable feature


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