Interrupt/DMA window

General Description

The Interrupt/DMA window displays the current status of the interrupt inputs of the CPU model (ISS) an shows the current status of DMA channels.

The processor model (ISS) contains interrupt input signals with the following features:
Connect an HDL output signal to the interrupt input
Add a signal generator to the interrupt input
Manually change the interrupt input in the Interrupt/DMA window

Yet another method of generating interrupts is to automatically force an interrupt on user specified events. Questions like: "What happens if an interrupt occurs when the CPU executes this specific instruction or reads from this peripheral address?" are easily tested. Interrupts can be user defined to occur on program execution (on address level basis) and on reading or writing registers and/or memory locations.




View status of interrupt inputs and DMA channels
Change status to force interrupts or to remove pending interrupts
Apply stimuli generator to force a user specified sequence of interrupts
Connect an HDL design interrupt output signal with an interrupt input of an ISS
Perform corner case testing by applying interrupts on user specified events
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