True multi core simulation & debugging

General Description

Systems without a microprocessor are rare for many years, the trend is designs containing multiple processors for all kinds of functionality. There is a need for tools to support multi processor system development; to improve system design and accelerate the verification. The questions which are often asked are:
- Can I combine multiple processors in a single environment to simulate large applications?
- Can I combine lets say, an ARM with 4 smaller controllers with different clocks?
- Can I build a complete virtual system, including CPU's and peripherals?
- Can I combine real application code with a real HDL design?
- I like to change the system configuration by myself, is that possible?

All these questions are answered positively regarding the Univers tool. Univers is a true multi core system development and verification tool, which is very competitively priced.

You can combine CPU models (ISSs) with C++ peripheral models and also with HDL designs (VHDL/Verilog). Each module has it's own clocks, controlled by Univers. Each ISS has it's own application window, disassembly window, register window, etc. You can include multiple independent HDL modules (top-levels) in the simulated system.



True multi core without the need for any hardware target
Provides full controllability and observability of a complex system

Add C++ peripheral models to guarantee high speed
Add C++ peripheral models for the environment: attenuators, sensors, graphical output

Add real HDL designs (VHDL/Verilog) for driver development
Virtual system is fully and dynamically configurable by the user (no need to compile)
Fast speed guaranteed due to single kernel solution without overhead
After a breakpoint is hit, all modules stop immediately (often not possible on a target)
Complex multicore systems are evaluated in a deterministic fashion
Many built-in features ease corner case verification
Standard peripherals are included, such as: file IO, console, shared memory, etc
Vendor independent, therefore possible to combine processors of competing vendors


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