Today, systems contain one or more processors, a lot of memory and a varying amount of additional logic, while the amount of software running on these processors is increasing dramatically. The embedded software is also increasingly influencing the hardware, thus requiring that both software and hardware must be verified together. In stead of combining existing tools to establish SW/HW co-verification, Adveda provides ONE tool that will verify both the software and the hardware in one truly integrated environment.
Adveda calls this a UNIfied VERification Solution and has named it Univers.


Univers COVER

SW/HW co-verification (all-in-one tool)
Univers COVER is a complete SW/HW co-verification tool for multi-processor architectures, offering extensive debug capabilities to guarantee short development iteration cycles. The application code runs on a full virtual system (high speed) or uses partly the real HDL code for peripherals or for your proprietary design.
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Univers ISSIM

Multi-core Software Debugger
Univers ISSIM is a multi-processor development environment, with fascinating debug capabilities. C++ models are used for peripherals, but also to model the environment (graphical LCD output, stepper motor graphs, ...) or data analysis. Each processor and peripheral runs on it's own user defined clock signal.
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Univers PROF2

Accurate Professional Profiler
The Univers Profiler is a professional, accurate, static and dynamic profiling tool.
This profiler guides the decision making process regarding high level and low level optimizations to meet performance goals. Not based on inaccurate sampling techniques. No code changes required for profiling purposes. Shows all stall causes. 
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HDL Navigator

HDL Navigator
With the HDL Navigator it is extremely easy to trace an HDL signal backwards and forwards. The HDL Navigator is a dedicated HDL browser, which uses both the source code and the compiled result. Questions like: "What is the value of this parameter in this instance?" or "What are all the destinations of this signal?" are directly answered.
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Simulation Models

Instruction Set Simulators
A growing number of Instruction Set Simulators is available for Univers:
CORTEX ARM, PowerPC, MicroBlaze (Xilinx), NIOS II (Altera), AVR, 8051, etc.
Adveda has developed these ISSs and we can develop an ISS for your specific CPU, ranging from sequencers to complex vector processors. Ask for a quotation!
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