Disassembly window

General Description

The disassembly window is used to view the source code on disassembly level. The address, current location of the program counter, opcode, timing figures, line information, labels & jumps, and mnemonics are shown. You can set or remove breakpoints in the disassembly window.




Set unlimited amount of execution breakpoints without decreasing simulation speed
Simulation control: Run, single step, break, step into, step over, step 1 clock, step only
   this core one clock, run till here
Context sensitive popup window, including timing info on individual stall cause basis or
   provides corresponding C source file and file location dependent on mouse location
Show program flow
Show cumulative or individual timing information
Able to generate an interrupt when this line of code is executed (corner case testing)
Shows profile information on individual code line basis
Jump directly to corresponding C source
Able to set program counter to different location (back) and redo execution
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