Register window

General Description

The register window displays the current contents of all relevant registers and status bits of the simulated module. After a CPU model (ISS) is loaded, you have access to it's register windows. These register windows are pre-defined and user configurable. Register windows are used to visualize and control processor registers, but also to specify settings specific for that processor, such as processor subtype or architecture, reset address, etc.

C++ models of peripherals may also contain one or more register windows. And you can attach register windows to an HDL design. This provides a software view of the C++ model or of the HDL design.




View register contents
Change register content
Foreground coloring indicates recent actions
Background coloring indicates breakpoint type and status
Context sensitive popup information boxes

Unlimited amount of breakpoints of different types on each type of register
   - on read, on write, on specific value, on occurrence count
User selectable display mode
   - Hexadecimal, decimal, float, ASCII, ...
Jump to source code (C or disassembly) line which is responsible for current contents
Definition of register window is user changeable (XML file)
   - Registers, Text, Lines, Grouping Boxes, Tab pages, Buttons, ...
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