Variables window

General Description

The variable window provides access to variables on function level basis or to variables which are located on stack. In the last case the variables window shows the variables of the selected stack frame in the stack window.

Complex data structures are presented in a tree. Individual members can be opened to inspect or to change the content. Variables, which occupy a large amount of memory are presented in an embedded memory view. Breakpoints can be set on variables and on individual data members. Pointers can be opened to view the addressed data and you can manually increment and decrement the target address to inspect the surrounding data.




Set unlimited amount of breakpoints without decreasing simulation speed
For each variable the scope, name, size, memory location, type and contents is shown
Data is shown per function or per stack frame
An embedded memory view provides easy access to large data members
Pointer addresses can be incremented and decremented to show surrounding data
Direct connection to memory window
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