Tools from Adveda provide a virtual workbench to develop and/or debug the combination of software and hardware.

Multiple different Instruction Set Simulators (ISSs) of CPU's in combination with HDL code simulate factors faster compared to mainstream digital simulators.

SW and HW engineers can both use the convenience of the same productive and user-friendly IDE. Reduces failure rates. Increases  communication between disciplines.

The Univers tools provide an unmatched rich and unique set of awesome features to ease design exploration and (system) debugging.

The reduction of the development time and the increase of the First-Time-Right chance guarantee a splendid Return-On-Investment.

Unique selling points:
Real multi processor development/debugging
Highly effective: full visibility/controllability
Cycle accurate models
Virtual workbench, no hardware required
One tool for SW and HW development
All time full insight in the design state
Fully extendible to model the environment
Automatic embedded OS support
Etc, see product pages or call us



Full support for Express Logic' ThreadX OS, providing the best in class development support and debug facilities.
  Univers v2.43 is now released:
+ Includes Verilog
+ Configurable peripheral models
+ Static/Dynamic Profiler

+ HDL Navigator
+ Step and Compare verification

  Different ISS's, such as:
A2P (Advanced Architectures), DaVinci (Texas Instruments), Cortex (ARM), E300 PowerPC, MicroBlaze (Xilinx), Nios II (Altera) , AVR, 8051, and more.  
  High speed ISS for Altera NIOS II
Full support for e,s and f type, including caches, customer instructions (HDL), avalon bus models,  disassembly, etc...
  High speed ISS for A2P
Full support for all configurations, including Floating Point, Custom Instructions, C-compiler, disassembly, etc.
  Tutorial movies demonstrating some of the features of the Univers tools.

For all your high-speed SW/HW co-verification tools
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